Social Empowerment

KMSS-Banmaw is working in partnership with other Caritas members intervened to provide short and long-term assistance to distribute food, rebuild and repair homes, construct wells to restore safe drinking water, provide grants for small business and livelihood opportunities for non-farm based livelihoods for the landless poor, and counselling and training for villagers to respond to the psycho-social needs of their communities.


Exercising during your pregnancy will ensure you stay balanced mentally and physically at this crucial point in your life. You will gain increased core strength and stronger pelvic floor muscles to help prepare you for childbirth. The exercise program will be personally tailored and modified based on specific trimester.


Interested in Stand Up Paddling and a workout on the sand after? How about a beach run or jog on the Greenbelt? Angelica understands that not all clients enjoy typical circuit style workouts and is happy to take you outside the box while still giving you a quality workout experience.