Our Vision, Mission


Our people transformed into mature, self-reliant, holistically developed local communities in solidarity with the Church.


To serve the poor and needy by motivating and empowering them towards quality and dignity of life based on the social teaching of the Church.

Our Mandate

As the Social Service of the local church and Inspired by the Catholic Social Teaching Principle of “Option for the Poor,” it is mandated to serve the poor and the needy, giving attention to holistic human development, realisation of Justice and Peace, environmental protection, humanitarian assistance and emergency relief services.


KMSS-Banmaw is a faith based social organization established and mandated by Bishop of Banmaw Diocese to serve the poor and the needy as its official social action arm, specifically in the areas of the church’s mission with regards to wholistic development, environmental protection, welfare and emergency relief.

  1. To create a happy and healthy family communities by promoting of health situation in every family.
  2. To uplift the education standard of the children and the young people by means of education program.
  3. To integrate the Catholic Social Teachings (CST) of the church in all the development activities of Karuna development projects.
  4. To setup Parish Development committee in every parish of banmaw diocese so that all the development work of the church will be carried out together with them.
  5. To promote integral human development by means of creating livelihood opportunity for the poor people in according with the Option for the poor.
  6. To assist and participate in the work of the diocese, especially entrusted and directed by the local Ordinary for the welfare of the people
  7. To promote and facilitate, through educational and other related programs, the personal and professional development of staff and of other persons associated with karuna Banmaw.

Our Core Value

KMSS Banmaw is committed to enhancing pastoral social involvement in all its works and follows the principle of Catholic Social Teachings:

  • Dignity of the Human Person
  • Common Good and Community
  • Option for the Poor
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Principle of Subsidiarity
  • Economic Justice
  • Stewardship of God’s Creation
  • Promotion of Peace
  • Participation
  • Global Solidarity and Development